WATCH: Section 8 Tenant Screening STEP 1: GET THE VOUCHER!

When screening tenants for my Section 8 properties, I collect much of the same information you would for market tenants.

However, some things are different and this week, I’m sharing with you one of the most important documents to collect from Section 8 tenants – a copy of their Housing Choice Voucher.

The voucher verifies that the applicant has in fact qualified for assistance (in other words that they “have Section 8”).  Just as important, it tells you how many bedrooms they’re qualified for and when the voucher expires.  Watch to learn WHY those things are important and how that information is crucial to my screening process.

P.S. Here’s what a voucher looks like, in case you’re wondering!

Of course if this content is helpful to you and you’d like to learn how you can start, grow or accelerate your success with Section 8 rental properties, reach out to me at!

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