Rental Property Investing 101 Course

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... available courses include the Tenant Screening Masterclass and the Self-Directed Course.

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  • Are you interested in investing in real estate but don't know where to start?

  • Do you want to learn how to find success with Section 8 rentals?

  • Have you tried to research on your own but been overwhelmed by the learning curve?

  • Are you ready to learn from someone with a proven record of success?


You know that financial success is possible, but how do you take the first steps?

Rental Property Investing 101 Course

It's time to stop thinking about it and learn today by joining the course with the answers and proven system!

What does it include?

  • 4 Sessions of Live Group coaching - 90 minutes each, Noon -1:30 Central, on Thursdays from June 16th-July 14th

    Approximately 1 hour for teaching and 30 minutes for questions; recorded for anyone who can't attend live.

  • Private Facebook group for questions in between sessions

    Connect with a growing community of real estate investors, and learn from their experience as well as Jennifer's.

  • All of Jennifer's documents that she uses for success in her business - over 30 plug n play documents that you can use now

    Includes lifetime access and students will get any and all changes to these documents as Jennifer edits, changes, and improves them.

What you'll learn:

  • Week One

    Introduction to Long Term Rental Investing and Section 8

  • Week Two

    How to Find, Analyze, Fund & Buy Rental Properties

  • Week Three

    Rehabbing Properties for Long Term Success - Section 8 or not

  • Week Four

    Now What - Setting Your Action Plan to Buy Your First (or Next Property)


Meet the "Queen" of Section 8

Jennifer Donley bought what would become her first investment property in 2007. It was her first home, and she kept it as a rental - still having it today.

Jennifer started buying real estate seriously in 2018, and in 2019, she purchased a package of properties that had a handful of Section 8 tenants in them. This gave her her first actual experience with Section 8 and through that, she discovered that done right, Section 8 rentals are a great way to grow a rental portfolio.

She is wired to look for efficiency and to create repeatable systems.

Today, Jennifer has 38 rentals units and her full focus is on growing her portfolio through Section 8 rental properties and helping you learn to do the same.

Jennifer loves real estate investing, and as you can see,  especially loves the Section 8 niche. Her experience and belief: done right, it’s one of the most stable & profitable rental niches out there.

Using Jennifer's rent increase process, I was able to pay for the entire course with just two rent increase requests with existing Section 8 tenants.
Judd Fuhr
Jennifer has mastered the Niche market of Section 8 investing. Where most people might have shied away from Section 8 rentals she has created strategies and processes to grow a large and sustainable portfolio of Section 8 rentals very quickly.
Shane Belfield
Jennifer Donley is clearly knowledgeable about her field. She walked me through the process and provided clear written instructions on how to proceed. I also received great follow up answers to any questions I had. Highly recommend!!!
Jen Bahr

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Who is this course ideal for?

  • People who have done some research on rental property investing but either still haven’t bought their first property or only have a few properties and would like to get better education, systems and processes in place to grow and stabilize their portfolio.
  • Ideal students will have some knowledge of rental property investing, including basic terms such as BRRRR, ARV, MAO, Cash flow, etc.

Who is this course not ideal for:

  • People who are brand new to real estate and have almost no knowledge of the terms & basic strategies of real estate investing.
  • People who are more experienced and have more than a few properties. (Explore the "201 Section 8 Jump Start Course)