WATCH: Live Q & A with the Queen of Section 8

Check out this recording of a Zoom/Facebook Live session I did answering whatever questions I got about succeeding with Section 8 rental properties.

There is tons of good questions and info here, especially for newer investors curious about some of the initial startup for Section 8 rentals.

Here’s just a sampling of the questions:

  • What have been the major differences in your experience between renting to members of section 8 and non-section 8?
  • What does it mean to have a section 8 friendly property manager?
  • To what extent are people’s prejudices against section 8 justified, from your experience? And if the prejudice is not applicable to everyone, how do you reliably screen for more enjoyable tenants when investing out of state?
  • When you rehab to be best in the area, do you include extras, such as ceiling fans, in sink disposals, and dishwashers?
  • What sort of qualifications do you use to make sure it is a quality tenant?
  • How do you inform someone that they don’t qualify for your property….or that you don’t want them as a tenant.

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