Maria Vargas

Tyler Garrett

Jon Collins

Carl Crain

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about Section 8. I just received my 2nd, 3rd and 4th rent increase approvals. For four rentals so far, that's an increase in cash flow of $485 per month. If you have any Section 8 rentals, you need to follow the advice of Jennifer, she is the Section 8 Guru!"

Jen Bahr

"Jennifer Donley is clearly knowledgeable about her field. She walked me through the process and provided clear written instructions on how to proceed. I also received great follow up answers to any questions I had. Highly recommend!!!"

Lillian Titus

"Jennifer is just awesome. Her knowledge of section 8 is extensive to say the least. She really just speaks the language. When my husband and I were looking to purchase a property occupied by a section 8 tenant we were pretty lost on where to start. She walked us through who we needed to talk to, what to expect, what to do to transfer etc. Thanks for the guidance!"

Phil Blackwood

"Jennifer and her team are absolutely incredible to work with! They are organized, responsive, and just overall awesome people! They are extremely dedicated to helping the St. Louis community! I highly recommend reaching out if you have questions!"

Shane Belfield

"Jennifer has mastered the Niche market of Section 8 investing. Where most people might have shied away from Section 8 rentals she has created strategies and processes to grow a large and sustainable portfolio of Section 8 rentals very quickly. Extremely passionate about Section 8 and it shows through her success and constant desire to learn, and share about this Niche. She has definitely earned the title 'Queen of Section 8'"

John Mize

"I wanted to thank you Jennifer for helping me resume my property acquisition and expand my rental portfolio. I needed a quick spin-up on Section 8 opportunities and best areas to buy. I really appreciate how she tailored her program to my needs and has offered continued support. I bought my first rental in years and looking to buy more with her guidance. Information is power AND profitable. When in doubt, first invest with the Queen of Section 8!"

Judd Fuhr

"Using Jennifer's rent increase process, I was able to pay for Jennifer's entire course with just 2 rent increase requests with existing Section 8 tenants."

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