WATCH: Can I Charge Section 8 Tenants a Security Deposit?

People frequently ask me if I charge security deposits and if so, how and when?

First, I absolutely do charge Section 8 tenants a security deposit, and I’ve found that good tenants expect to pay one.

I break up the deposit into 2 payments – 1 due after applicant approval and in order for us to take the home of the market, and the other due on or before lease signing.

There’s a few other tips & tricks I have when it comes to security deposits – check out the short (only 5 minutes) video to learn more.

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  1. The lease is signed by landlord when turned into with packet. And i never call the $500 a deposit, its a holding fee that is applied towards deposit. Your verbiage may protect you but it creates a gray area. Deposits are returnable. Fees are not. Lets lunch.

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